These new tax rules will be introduced in 2020

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Removing the 350-kroner limit, reducing property tax and discontinuing the NRK license are among the new tax rules that enter into force at the start of 2020.

As usual, the government introduces a number of new tax rules, tax changes and other economic changes over the New Year. These are some of the changes that are scheduled to take effect between January 1 and March 31.

The NRK license is removed
NRK must be financed through the tax note. Thus, an invoice will no longer be sent on the broadcasting fee.

The new tax rates should be differentiated, to ensure that those with the worst advice should pay the least for the services. At the same time, all Norwegian citizens must now start paying for the funding of NRK, including those who do not have TV.

Lower maximum property tax
The municipalities have previously been able to tax residential and leisure property with up to 7 per thousand. That limit is now lowered to 5 per thousand.

Municipalities that are merged on 1 January, and which have different levels of property tax, can also increase property tax by 1 per year in residential and leisure property, and 2 per year in commercial property. This will be allowed for a transitional period of three years.

The municipalities can also reduce the property tax, in order for the tax level in the municipality to be equal.

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