The Jarlsberg success of Tine continues

Tine Jarlsberg successTine Jarlsberg cheese.Photo

Last year Tine made a profit of nearly three billion kroner in sales on its international dairy business, partly thanks to Jarlsberg’s success abroad.

Tine produces  5,500 tons of cheese annually in the US and 2,500 tonnes of cheese in Ireland. Tine’s own cheese production Tine, and sales of cheese from other producers meant the company made 2.9 billion in profit from sales last year, a growth of 0.8 percent adjusted for currency fluctuations, according to the newspaper Nationen.
More than half of the revenue last year came from the US market, where Jarlsberg is found in about 30,000 stores.
– An important impetus to launch cheese production abroad has also been a shortage of cheese quotas. Production from abroad has made it possible for us to expand in the international market. We would not have been so succesful in the Australian market without the opportunity to export from the United States, as well as from Norway, Executive Director of Tine international, Bjørn Moldskred, said .
Last year  Tine exported in excess of 10,000 tonnes of Jarlsberg cheese products from Norway. The group distributes and sells cheese for other manufacturers, in addition to its own brands.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today