Unemployment up to 3.9 percent

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There were 110,000 unemployed in Norway in September. This represents 3.9 percent of the workforce and is up 0.3 percentage points from June.

There are 8,000 more unemployed people than in June, measured as the average for the period August to October, according to Statistics Norway’s statistics from Statistics Norway. The increase is within the margin of error,

The Labor Force Survey (LFS) shows average unemployment over three-month periods. The September unemployment rate is thus an average of the months of August, September and October.

According to the LFS, 12,000 more were employed from June to September, adjusted for seasonal variations. This change is also within the margin of error in the LFS.

Since there have been both more employed and more unemployed, this means that the workforce has grown by 20,000 people from June to September. This corresponds to an increase of 0.4 percentage points in labor force participation, which is the labor force as a percentage of the population.

Statistics Norway’s LFS figures are one of two sets used to measure unemployment in Norway. Nav’s overview is the other. While Statistics Norway is based on a quarterly interview survey, Nav counts the number of registered unemployed. Statistics Norway’s survey also includes people who apply for work without registering with Nav.

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  1. Shahrzad Mirzaagha | 4. December 2019 at 22:40 | Reply

    NORWEGIAN statistic sentral unit SSB cheat in the Database and make fake aktiv organisation number in sentral database for some Ppl and some pasients who has no job or inncome who are actualy syk and unemploy under nav systeme, this way SSB manipulate in database and show
    unemployment lower than reality . Watch on YouTube Shery fra vinterbro klik på bilde av solnedgang Shahrzad Mirzaagha and look at Fakta del8,SSB…
    I show how SSB and nav internal manipulate sicretly for me from 1 sep 2014 to 15 des 2016 when i was unemploy and syk with strongest left frozen shoulder and get post tramatised after a rasist bit me june 2015 and they gave me not right healthcare and deny it and manipulate all my jornal and told me system is not for you, and nav hide my MRI from left frozen shoulder
    Remember i Payed them in many years top taxes before i get unemploy and syk , a net work in statistic in finansial Department cheat in data statistic and dump pasients because they donot want to spendt them healthcare money , SSB statistic cooperate and deal with Experian data bade. Com world wide company that is a database info and to gether they manipulate for me in sep 2015 too and Experian wrote a fake aktiv org nr on my name to Trygg insurance company while i had no aktiv org nr , on fakta del 6,SSB… I show document how Experian database help Norwegian goverment statistic SSB manipulate in data for vulnerable pasients who are unemploy under AAP nav,they threat me alot with long psycological teror to be silent and do not talk about It, they tried hard to fabricating for me and hide the crime they did to me in nav and Statistic sentral unit SSB by making fake dokuments in database i discover they did to me and for sure to many others they do it .and they sensur it when i wrote to jornslists.they control data and sensur , thoes who help them forget that maybe one they they do the same to them when they get syk and unemploy , Norway changed a lot with neo liberalist Frp who work in finansial Department SSB and control and manipulate in database for many ppl when they get sick. This way they save money and make Themself big Salaries by manipulating and dumping pasients and hide real unemployment . Whatch Boom bust from 13 nov 2019 on YouTube tok.they use Google and data to dump pasients.

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