Wine Monopoly says ‘It’s our busiest week’


The increase of custom at the Wine Monopoly (Vinmonopolet) is greater than expected, both in sales, and in numbers of customers.


When the nights get longer, and the cold sets in, the queues grow at the Wine Monopoly checkouts. The warehouses are emptied quickly, and although Christmas is always a big challenge, this year’s advent is unusually intense.

‘Up to now, we have sold more than expected, and we have also had more customers,’ said Gunnar Inge Aaneland, shop manager at Vinmonopolet in Arendal.

The busiest week of the year

This year’s calendar date is one of the reasons why we are extra busy. The night before Christmas Eve is on a Saturday.

‘Now we are having the busiest week of the year; it starts busy and ends even busier,’ said a shopkeeper.

Vinmonopolet will sell between four and 4.5 million litres of alcohol during week 51. This corresponds to approximately 5% of the annual turnover, or 81 million litres of wine, spirits, beer and alcohol-free liquid refreshment. Sales of one million litres are expected on Friday alone.

Far from all that is bought is for under the Christmas tree. Many are also shopping for different meals throughout the Christmas holidays.

‘I buy extra because it’s tradition, and I treat myself to especially good wine for Christmas,’ said Elisabeth Bakke.

Vinmonopolet stated that the trend in the last ten and fifteen years is that more and more of the sales accumulate on the last few days before Christmas. Therefore, sales during the weeks before Christmas this year have fallen since last year.

Store Manager, Gunnar Inge Aaneland also said the krone exchange rate is a reason for the increased sales.

‘We have fast connections to Denmark, and with a krone rate that falls in our favour, it leads to more domestic trade,’ he said.


Source: NRK / Norway Today