170,000 caught speeding last year

Police at workPolice at work.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Most motorists who are caught for speeding have no excuse. This is according to the the Police after 170,000 were punished for speeding in 2018. 101,000 of them were stopped by the police while the others were caught by traffic cameras and notified via mail, the Aftenposten reports.

“Some remain stubborn in not keeping to the speed limit on a road that is apparently easy to drive,” says senior adviser Bård Morten Johansen in Trygg Trafikk.

Police fines averaged 4,531 kroner. The motorists who were caught by the automatic traffic control had to pay an average of 2,896 kroner.

From the New Year, it will be more expensive to speed. If you are up to ten kilometers per hour above the speed limit, it will cost you 2,100 kroner. Driving too fast on a motorway can cost you up to 10,650 kroner, according to the police’s overview of the fines .

Assistant UP Commander Roar Skjelbred Larsen reiterated that most people have no good excuse for speeding.

“Some people claimed they did not know the speed limit at a particular spot and that they were within the limit or they had to accelerate to get past the queue,” added Larsen.

77 per cent of those were caught for speeding were men, figures from UP show.

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