20-years-old convicted of raping brother

Court, acquitted of gang rape raping double murdee Court .Photo pixabay.com

20-years-old convicted of raping his little brother

A 20-years-old man is sentenced to five years imprisonment for raping his 11-years-old brother.


The assault that the man is convicted for occurred in the autumn of 2015. At the time he was 18 years old. The man is also convicted of several counts of violence against his siblings. At one occasion, he even threatened to inflict damage to himself with a knife unless the mother gave him money. The threats were perceived as being so intimidating that the police were summoned.

During the trial in late May, the 20-year-old acknowledged the rape, and confirmed the little brother’s testimony that the big brother had forced an anal intercourse with him. The court gave the man a rebate of one year due to the guilty plea.

Childhood trauma

The forensic psychiatric experts concluded that the defendant was not psychotic and he does not suffer from severe mental illness. But they point to a degree of uncertainty as to whether 20-year-old is mentally retarded, although they do not think that is the case. The court did nontheless made half the sentence probational.

In addition to the prison sentence, he was ordered to pay NOK 300,000 in compensation to his little brother, 25,000 to a sister and 10,000 to his mother,

The court emphasizes in the verdict that the convicted 20-years-old needs extensive treatment due to post-traumatic stress disorder caused to abuse and sexual violence in his childhood. The convict recently came to Norway as a so-called quota refugee together with his family.


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