30 days over 30 degrees

Larkollen. Happy Baths.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

So far this year there have been 30 days of temperatures above 30 degrees. Last year, only one such day was registered.


The warm weather has been felt in Norway this summer.For farmers it has meant a feed crisis, while for ice cream producers it has meant sales records.

On Friday, the Meteorological Institute wrote on Twitter that so far this year there have been 30 so-called tropical days in Norway,i.e. days with temperatures above 30 degrees.

Warmest on Friday was at Kise observation station in Ringsaker in Hedmark. A maximum temperature of 31.2 degrees was recorded.

There may be more tropical days

According to surveillance meteorologist Gunnar Livik at the Meteorological Institute, there are good opportunities for more days over 30 degrees.

“We do not rule out that it will be over 30 degrees in the inner part of Eastern Norway this weekend.There are also good opportunities for high temperatures in southern Norway next week, and it could soon be over 30 degrees,” said Livik to NTB news.

Weather record in the north

Even in the furthest north of the country, they have felt the heat this week.On Wednesday night, the second warmest night in Norway in recent times was registered at Makkaur’s lighthouse on the Finnmark coast.The lowest temperature measured during the night was 25.5 degrees.

On Friday it was over 30 degrees during daytime in Finnmark, with 30.5 degrees being the warmest at Svanvik observation site in southern Varanger.

The meteorologist does not believe there will temperatures above 30 degrees in Finnmark in the coming days.

“Some places in the east of Finnmark could still get over 25 degrees on Saturday,” said Livik.



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