300 pigs died in a barn fire in Rogaland

300 pigsAbout 300 pigs have burned inside a hog House.Photo: Ole Jørgen Nøstbakken / Suldalsposten / NTB scanpix

About 300 pigs died  in the fire,while all the cows and nearly 140 pigs were saved, when a fire broke out in a pigsty and a barn in Suldal in Rogaland. The fire department got the fire under control after five hours.

As of Friday night the fire brigade was keeping guard on the site.
– They will keep watch until Friday morning and will respond quickly if the fire should flare up again. We’re will be doing crime scene investigation with professionals on Friday,  operations manager  in South Western police, André Scram Hansen, said to the news agency NTB.

The farm is located at Nattland lake east of Erfjord. The police was notified about the fire at 7.27 pm on Thursday and the fire department reported that they had everything under control at 10.36 pm.

Unknown cause of fire

Currently,  the cause of  the fire is unknown.The police made  on site investigations and spoke to those who own and operate the farm on Thursday.

– We can not say anything about the cause of fire, but we have an idea as to where the fire started, said Hansen.

The farm buildings were divided into several sections and floors, and fire crews had to use excavators to save as many animals as possible. The excavator was used to tear down the walls so that the pigs could get out and the firefighters get inside.
Large amount of damage

All the cows who were in the barn, was brought outside.A total of 139 pigs were rescued, but most of them died   in the fire. In addition to the loss of the animals, there have also been serious material damage.

– We don’t know excactly how much damage that has been done, but it’s clear that a lot of damage has been done. This is tragic for the people owning and running this farm,  Hansen says.

Some of the animals who were rescued, is still on the farm, while others were transported from the farm on Thursday night.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today