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83 countries affected by salmonella scandal

breast milk replacement Breast milk replacement


12 million packs of breast milk replacement from the French dairy giant, Lactalis, have been withdrawn after suspicion of salmonella sperm.


‘We must explain the size of this. Over 12 million cans are affected,’ said Emmanuel Besnier, CEO of the company, to the French media on Saturday.

He added that distributors no longer need to go through all the boxes to find out which ones are infected.

‘They know that everything has to be removed from the shelves.’

Besnier emphasised that all families affected will be compensated. He said the consequences of the health risk that families and infants have been exposed to is
something he thinks much about.

‘It is for us, and for me personally, a big concern’.

The company have already been sued by hundreds of families who believe thei children have been infected with salmonella through Lactalis’ products. So far, the French authorities have confirmed 35 cases of salmonella-infected children.

At the same time, a case has been reported in Spain, as well as another in Greece which are under investigation.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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