A Chinese security company has been storing personal information of some Norwegians

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Information about over 700 Norwegians, among them a number of Norwegian leaders, is stored in the database of a Chinese security company, writes Dagbladet.

The company is believed to have links to China’s intelligence.

Among the Norwegian names on the list, which Dagbladet has gained access to, are several of Norway’s leading politicians, as well as a number of community leaders and well-known convicts.

On Monday, it became known that the Shenzhen-based company Zhenhua Data, which has China’s Communist Party among its largest clients, has collected personal data from 2.4 million people in a number of countries. 700 of these are Norwegians.

Information such as date of birth, political affiliation and marital status, bank details, job applications, and psychological profiles can have been obtained by the company.

“They have collected personal information about people with influence. This includes information about loved ones. Through the list, they can track the top of the society and their families”, says David Robinson at the Australian cybersecurity company internet 2.0 to Dagbladet.

According to Robinson, Zhenhua Data should primarily have commercial intentions behind the list.

“It seems that it is a commercial operation to build a platform to sell information to the Chinese security service,” Robinson told Dagbladet.  

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