Norwegian victims on their way home from Panama

Nombre de Dios, Panama Photo: Ministerio de Seguridad Pública de Panamá / NTB scanpix

The six Norwegians who were assaulted and robbed in Panama last weekend travelled home to Norway last night, several anonymous sources in Panama City told NRK.

The six Norwegians were on a sailing trip around South America when they were attacked off the coast of Panama on last Friday night.Their boat was in the small town of Nombre de Dios, a few miles northeast of the town of Colón. Up to eight masked men, armed with knives and firearms then came on board the sailboat in a separate boat and attacked them..

Six arrests
On Thursday, six men were jailed for six months for the crime. They were arrested on Tuesday in the town of Nombre de Dios. The six were charged with two violations of the Criminal Code that carry a jail term of 10 to 18 years, according to a press release from the police.

“They’re all young men. They are from the same place and  know each other. Two of them are cousins. It is tragic that they have committed this wrongdoing,” says Police Director Manuel Castillo to NRK.

One of the reasons for the long detention is that the authorities believe the assault harms the tourism industry and thus the country’s economy.

Victims assisted the police
The reason why the Norwegians have headed home only a week after the attack is because they have assisted the police in the investigations. They were also present during the suspects’ custody on Thursday, according to NRK.

They were staying in a hotel after the incident where they received medical assistance and had police protection around the clock.

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