Afghan family believes Vidar Kleppe to not be objective

Vidar KleppeKRISTIANSAND.Vidar Kleppe.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / SCANPIX .

An Afghan family, who has had their appeal on their denial of stay rejected by the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE), is suing the board because they believe the board member Vidar Kleppe to have conflict of interest.

The family was one of 29 families that got a new treatment after the so-called asylum children agreement between the board members and the cooperation collaborates, writes the newspaper Daglbadet.

The previous Progress Party politician Vidar Kleppe, now representative for Democrats, is sitting in the committee that is processing the complaint. Kleppe is a known and prolific immigration opponent.

This is used as a basis for the family’s lawsuit against the UNE. They believe Kleppe to not be objective and that UNE’s decision is therefore void.

“Kleppe’s neutrality is weakened by a full understanding of his extremist attitudes”, says family’s lawyer Trygve Tveter in the writ.

He believes that it is a clear violation of the trust the family has had to the Norwegian law system that the complaint is being treated by one with Kleppe’s attitudes, and believes the politician is not qualified to be part of such an appeal process.

Vider Kleppe says himself to the newspaper Dagbladet that it is non-problematic that he is a board member, and that he was selected by the Justice Department who found him “worthy” to sit there.
Kleppe receives support from the Immigration Appeals Board communication manager Bjørn Lyster.
– UNE does not agree with the allegation that one of our board members were not objective in the case. Beyond that, we have no comments, he says to the newspaper.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today