Airports will take some actions against contraband!

Rygge AirportRygge Airport.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Customs and Patent Office has initiated joint venture action on Norwegian airports against counterfeit products.

From Tuesday when the travelers coming back from their vacation and arrive in Moss Airport Rygge they will be informed that counterfeit is considered as health and security issue.
The phenomenon has spread to all types of products, everything from drugs and sunscreens to food and drink being counterfeit by fraud manufacturers.

The two agencies who are standing behind the new act hope this will challenge common perceptions and provide new understandings including that it has become harder to distinguish copied and genuine care Or that counterfeit is no longer something you only being offered in simple markets but also on most sales venues and distribution joints.

Hedvig Bengston in patent agency especially believes that the health and safety aspects will have more opportunity to be re-evaluated.
– Most people understand that it is not indifferent about the containments of the lubricant cream we use and what the toys made of that our child play with, said by Bengston.

Studies from several countries proof the clear connection between criminal networks and the production of counterfeits. EUROPOL believes this business is so harmful to society that they have lifted it into the list of Europe’s biggest crime threats, in line with drugs, money laundering and arms trafficking.
It’s created a website that deals with various aspects of the issue.


Source: NTB scanpic / Norway Today