The ambulance planes are back to normal

Ambulance Plane Ambulance PlanesAmbulance Plane. Photo:

The ambulance planes are back at full preparedness

All the country’s ambulance planes are fully operational as of Sunday morning, and they are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

– There were no traceable discrepancies on Sunday morning and the waiting lists at the ambulance bases indicate that there will be a weakened preparedness in the days ahead, says communications manager in the Air Ambulance Service (Luftambulansene), Knut Haarvik, to NTB

Several ambulance planes have grounded in recent days, which is linked to the collapse in the negotiations between the Pilots Association and the ambulance plane operator Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance (BSAA). The situation peaked on Friday after the negotiations broke down, when all the pilots reported themselves as incapable of flying.

Saturday night all planes were at the ready, except one in Tromsø, where the pilots reported themselves unable to fly. The situation is normalized even in Tromsø on Sunday, according to the Air Ambulance Service.

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