American pilots in trouble after penis stunt in the sky


Two fighter pilots who used condensation stripes to design a giant penis in the sky were grounded by the US Navy, who didn’t find it funny.


The inhabitants of Okanogan, in the state of Washington, saw the ‘artwork’ on Thursday, and images of the giant sky-penis spread rapidly on social media.

The US Navy quickly acknowledged that it was one of their F / A-18 fighters which stood behind the prank, and promised that the two occupants of the aircraft’s cockpit could wait for a response.

‘The pilots actions were totally unacceptable, and violated the US Navy’s basic values,’ said a spokesperson for the air-base the plane flew from.

‘The crew are on the ground, and we are now conducting a thorough investigation.

They will be held responsible for their actions’, said Leslie Hubbell, who called the penis stunt in the air ‘irresponsible and immature’.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today