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Asker municipality delivers best services, says Consumer Council

ASKER City CentreASKER City Centre.Photo:

Large municipalities deliver the best information and service to citizens, says the Consumer Council.

For several years, the Consumer Council compared Norwegian municipalities and what information and services they offer to citizens. Quality and content of the service itself has not been tested.

Now the Consumer Council has concluded investigations and is saying that large municipalities deliver better information than the smaller ones.

Asker test winner

Among the 25 municipalities there are only two that have fewer than 10,000 residents. In return, one of the two Vinje municipality in Telemark, with its 3,700 inhabitants in second place.

The test winner is Asker – by the way with 55,000 more residents than Vinje.
Then follows Nes, Bærum, Hamar, Ringerike, Trondheim, Enebakk, Rælingen and Sarpsborg in the proceeding places.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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