Many Norwegian consumers feel cheated in stores due to poor labeling of origin on food

MeatPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

According to a survey from the Consumer Council, four out of ten Norwegian consumers feel cheated as a result of poor labeling of origin on food.

The Consumer Council is now interpreting the results of a survey on the experience of, and attitude to, how food is labeled when it comes to the country of origin.

Preliminary figures show that 41% of Norwegian consumers have felt cheated when buying raw materials they thought were of Norwegian origin, the newspaper Nationen writes.

According to Gunstein Instefjord in the Consumer Council, the placement of the products in the store helps to create confusion.


When the packaging for meat from Norway and meat from Germany is identical and placed side by side on store shelves, consumers with a desire to buy the former often end up with the latter, Instefjord warned.

“In many cases, it does not even clear from the packaging where the product comes from,” he added.

When so many Norwegian consumers feel cheated by poor origin labeling, the current scheme is obviously not good enough, Instefjord noted.

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  1. I feel more cheated by the ridiculously high prices, lack of choice and the acceptance by shoppers and shop managers alike that it is perfectly normal and acceptable to sell out of date meat. The origin, by comparison, is almost irrelevant.

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