Bedbugs spread out after the summer holidays

BedbugsBedbugs.Photo: Anticimex / NTB scanpix

Bedbugs crawl into the suitcases and gets home from vacation. Bloodsuckers spread out with a record over time and last year’s record of action appears to be beaten this year.

They are hiding in the folds and cracks, creeps up at night and suck blood from humans. Pest’s statistics of Public Health (FHI) show a quadrupling of the annual fighting bedbugs from 2007 to 2015. Summer is high season.

– We get very many inquiries now and more than last year. Currently, the problem is greatest in the Oslo area but we believe it will now increase in major cities across the country, said damage chief Exterminators, Stein Norstein to news agency NTB.

Rentokil has the same experience and pest technician Alf Fjelde by Pests Centre in Stavanger confirms the strong increase in the number of bedbugs so far this holiday season:
– With us the amount of bedbugs will go up to the roof.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today