Believes murder in Søndre Land was premeditated

Søndre Land MurderPolice have opened full murder investigation after the discovery of a heavily scorched man on a deserted forest road in Søndre Land in Oppland. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Accused: I brought gasoline in case it was going to be difficult

The man who is the main accused in the murder case in Søndre Land, explained detailed in court how Nils Olav Bakken was stabbed and then set alight on a deserted dirt road.


There are ten days set aside for the trial in Gjøvik District Court, and for the three first days the three accused will tell of the murder of Nils Olav Bakken (49) last autumn.

The first on the witness stand is the 36-years-old alleged to be the mastermind. He started his explanation just before lunch on Monday.

– It is of course difficult. But one has done what one has done, and has to face the consequences; he started his testimony in court.

The 36-years-old former girlfriend, a 44-year-old woman, is also charged with murder or complicity to murder. The same goes for her 20-years-old son. The last two do not admit culpability to murder.

Prosecutor: premeditated murder

– We believe that the murder happened after prior deliberations among the three defendants, what one in the old days called premeditated, the prosecutor, Attorney General Thorbjørn Klundseter, said in his preliminary statement.

The 36-year-old denies that the murder was premeditated. In court he was thoroughly grilled by the prosecutor on why he brought along a jerry-can of gasoline when they brought Bakken with them in the car and drove to Veståsen, which is about a 25 minutes drive from the home of the murder victim.

The main defendant stated that he brought it with him in case something “bustint” – that is to say – nasty or bad happened.

– I knew him so well from before that I knew he could get angry. He was strong in the upper body, the 36-years-old said about Bakken.

Strips Attached

The main defendant told the court in detail how Nils Olav Bakken was attempted affixed with strips when he acted up. It allegedly resulted in the co-defendant woman stabbing the 49-years-old in his hand in an attempt to remove strips that were incorrectly set, according to the defendant.

– Then I took the knife away from her. I began to have problems with keeping him quiet, and I therefore asked whether we should “get him,” the 36-years-old explained. He claims that his ex-girlfriend responded with “fine by me”.

The 36-year-old explained that he then knife-stabbed Bakken four times, including once in his throat, before he poured gasoline over and put him alight.

– Suddenly I see Nils Olav getting up to his knees, explains the main accused, who says he threw the can with the remaining gasoline away – before the three defendants left the place.

Claims of abuse against close relative

The prosecution has so far not expressed an opinion on what is the motive for the murder, but a large part of the interrogation of 36-years-old has been about an alleged sexual assault against a close relative of the other two defendants.

According to the 36-years-old, Bakken admitted to the relation – and that he allegedly bragged about it.

During the interrogations, the main accused has explained that he and son of his ex- girfriend talked about the matter, and that the latter allegedly wanted to kill Bakken.

– One thing is to talk about it; another thing is to do it. But then it unfortunately happened, the 36-years-old explained.

The murder of 49-year-old Nils Olav Bakken took place at Totjernsvegen on Veståsen in Søndre Land at 1 am Saturday, September 3rd last year. He died of a combination of hemorrhaging, heat- and burn damages, according to the indictment.


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