The best Easter weather is behind us

The best Easter weather is behind usLovely Easter weather in Blefjell.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Wet, gray and windy are the key words for Easter weather in the coming days. Maundy Thursday will bring clouds, mild weather and wind.

On Wednesday the weather will be great in almost the entire country, but then the great weather will be over for the most part.
– It will then become an average Easter at best, state meteorologist Terje Alsvik Walløe said to Yr.
He states that the exellent Easter in the eastern part of Norway will have to be canceled when the “red days” begin. This because of the low pressure areas that will arrive in the southern part of Norway, with  the north wind replaced by  the south wind.
Clouds and precipitation
– When the southerly wind arrives, there will no longer be any  mountains for us  to hide behind, he says and explains that weather in the eastern part of the country will be be changeable , overcast and  with some precipitation.
Since the temperatures also will remain relatively high, around 6-7 degrees,this means rain in most of those areas. On the coast, it will be a little more windy, with some fresh breeze.
In Western Norway south of Stad weather will remain virtually as it was before the hot and fine Wednesday, but the   winds will pick up a little bit. There will be some rough weather, but no storm this Easter.
– But if you are in the mountains, things can easily become unpleasant and maybe even a little scary, meteorologist Kristin Seter in Bergen says.
Cloudy and windy
Central Norway can expect much of the same in the coming days. Gale winds may periodically be experienced  on the coast and elsewhere there will be some rain and snow at altitudes of 600 to 800 meters. Saturday and Sunday may be partly sunny.
– The weather from the south will arrive a little later in northern Norway. On Thursday night, it will make its mark in Nordland. On Friday, in Troms and Finnmark as well. If you live along the coast, you can expect to experience storms and squalls, meteorologist Raphael Kuhnel of the Weather Forecasts for Northern Norway says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today