Boat run ashore in Stord- Rescuers are searching for people

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Rescuers are searching for people after their boat run ashore

Police and rescue services are searching for two people after a boat run ashore at Langenuen in Stord.

– We are reasonably sure that the two who were on board the boat are on land. We are concerned that they may be injured or in shock, says Owe Frøland. He is rescue leader at the Rescue Coordination Center, to Bergens Tidende.

The boat has run ashore on the Stord side of Langenuen between Stord and Tysnes, according to the newspaper.

Crew on a passing boat notified the Rescue Coordination Center of the wrecked boat at 6:17 am Sunday morning. A SeaKing helicopter from Sola searched for people in the sea.

Engine still warm

Crew from JRCC came aboard the wrecked boat, and noted that the engine was still warm. They are therefore reasonably sure that the accident must have happened just before six am, says Frøland.

The police in Haugesund are connected to the case. According to Frøland, they have been made aware that there were two people aboard the boat and that they had landed. The boat supposedly has run ashore at high speed.

Frøland says they now plan to make a search on land.


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