Three men injured in head-on collision on E6

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Three men injured in head-on collision on E6

Three men in the beginning of the twenties are injured after two cars collided head-on on E6 in Akershus. One person has been arrested and charged with drunk driving after the head-on collision on E6



The accident happened just before the Nordby tunnel night to Sunday. There were two people in one car and four in the other. Police reportedly reported that three men in the early twenties were seriously injured and brought to Ullevål Hospital in Oslo.

At 8 am on Sunday, the police says that it appears that the condition is not life threatening for the injured. Lisbeth Mjøsund tells NTB that it is possible that the condition is serious for some of them. Mjøsund is Operations Manager in the Eastern Police District

The accident happened around 1.50 am. The police believe that one of the cars has turned on the E6 to get up on an exit ramp and that it has collided with a car that came the other way.

Drunk driving

The driver of the car that turned is arrested and charged for drunk driving and negligence in traffic. He had one passenger in the car, and both of them escaped from the accident without serious damage.

One of the passengers in the other car were slightly injured. The Norwegian Road Safety Accident Commission was sent to the site.

Operations manager Mjøsund says early Sunday that some witness statements have been taken at the spot. The arrested is in custody pending interrogation on Sunday morning.

Road closed

The E6 at the Nordby tunnel was closed in both directions after the accident. Just over three am the police reports that the road is reopened in the northbound direction. At 7 am the Road Traffic Center says that the road has also been opened for normal traffic towards Moss.


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