Burglar had to be rescued by police

PolicePolice .Photo: Norway Today Media

A burglar who tried to escape from a window on the second floor of Møllergata school in Oslo, got stuck and had to be rescued by police.
Next will come the arrest.

‘Passersby heard the breaking glass, and saw a potential thief inside the building. We sent several patrols to the site, and then the man
climbed out the window and got stuck on a narrow ledge’, says operations manager, Tor Jøkling, of Oslo police. Police requisitioned
a laddered fire-truck from the fire department.

‘In the end, we sent up fire-fighters from the fire-truck with a winch-basket and got him down’, said Jøkling.

The police got the message about the burglary at the school at 01.09 on Thursday night, and they are investigating whether there are
more people inside the building, and what the man was trying to take.

The man’s identity is not, as yet, known, but according to the operations officer, he will be put under arrest.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today