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Candy war worries experts

Sweets in shopSweets in shop.Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Across the country  people are stockpiling candy  after grocery shops dumped prices to NOK 2.90 per hectogram( quarter of a pound). Experts are concerned about the consequences.
– I didn’t plan on buying any candy, but when I saw the price, it was so cheap that I bough some anyway, Kamilla Sæter  says to the newspaper Adresseavisen. She is not alone in allowing herself to be tempted by the low prices. In Bergen  one customer bought 70 kilograms of candy, and store managers say that  the shelves emptied quickly.
– I’m putting in candy for dear life,  Christer Andersen at Rema 1000 in Kalmar house says to BA.
But not everyone is thrilled at the price war. Professor and director Joran Hjelmesæth at the Center for morbid obesity in Health south-east at Vestfold Hospital describes the price dumping as horrible.
– This is very bad for children and youth. We would like to protect children and adolescents against such things, but when they are offered almost free candy , it will lead to an increased risk of both overweight, future cardiovascular disease and diabetes, he says to the newspaper VG.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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