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ENROLLED: 91% of Norway’s Toddlers

Kindergarten day care children kidHappy children playing outside while in day care. Photo NTM


Statistics Norway reports 2017 seeing more than 9 out of 10 Norwegian children enrolled within kindergarten nursery preschool programs, within both public and private sectors.


March 4th’s newest statistics tally 91.3% of all Norwegian toddlers enrolled, an increase of 0.2%. In total, 281,622 children participated in 2017’s school year kindergarten programs, about 1000 fewer students than 2016 (a lower birthrate is seen as the primary explanation for 2017’s lower enrollment).

82.5% of toddler population was comprised of 1 & 2 yr children, an increase of .5%, with 3 – 5 yr children comprising 97%, a slight .1% increase compared against 2016. Oslo sees the lowest ratio of kindergarten toddlers, with 88.2% ratio of students aged 1 – 5 yrs and Troms having the highest ratio at 94.4%.

2017 saw 48,700 children (17%) of all kindergartners coming from a minority language background. The ratio of Norwegian as a primary language children within 2017’s kindergarten programs was 81%, an increase of 2% over 2016.

Statistics Norway gathers and collates wide-ranging information impacting all of Norway, providing a reliable statistical framework utilized in disbursement of state subsidies, monetary budgeting and governmental oversight projections.


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