Mother smeared chilli on her son’s face

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Mother convicted of violence: smeared chilli on son’s face

A mother of five is sentenced to eight months in prison by Nedre Telemark District Court, after she subjected her eldest son to violence when he was between 11 and 13 years old.

“In addition to biting, punching and kicking, his face was also smeared in with crushed chilli as punishment at home”, the verdict reads. The child welfare services took over the care of the Telemark boy when he was 13 years old,” NRK reports.

The abuse the mother is convicted of, lasted from the summer of 2015 to October 2017. She came to Norway as a refugee in 2013. The son lived with his grandparents for a long period of time but was reunited with his mother in 2015. The violence allegedly started after he moved in with his mother.



Visit to school mate

The stories of the abuse came to light after he didn’t want to go home after visiting a schoolmate. The friend’s parents subsequently chose to notify the child welfare service and his school. He has moved to a foster home after this.

The mother claimed in court that she was very fond of her son and that the charges of violence were a lie. The court dismissed this. The court finds it beyond any reasonable doubt that the defendant has abused her son mentally and physically over a long period of time.

Half of the prison sentence was made conditional. The 32-year-old mother of young children must also pay the now 15-year-old son a redress of NOK 100,000.

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