Cigarettes and alcohol in Hedmark and Trøndelag

Alcohol SeizureAlcohol Seizure. Photo: Tolletaten

Taken with cigarettes and alcohol in northern Hedmark

Customs officials from Østby customs office in Trysil in Hedmark uncovered 70,960 cigarettes and 955 liters of alcohol in customs controls in late April.

The biggest seizure, 67,760 cigarettes, was made when a toll patrol stopped a Mercedes Benx Vaneo at Jordet in Trysil municipality in the afternoon of April 30. The car was driven by a Lithuanian citizen (47) who said he was on his way to Bergen to visit the mother of the passenger (40).

Customs did not believe in the explanation and took the vehicle to the customs office for extended customs checks. They then found a constructed hidden room filled with a total of 76,760 cigarettes. The Customs seizure represents NOK 225,000 in fees. A patrol from the Trysil police station in the inland police district took care of the suspects.

927 litres of alcohol

The customs from Østby customs office found 927 liters of alcohol and 3,200 cigarettes night to 28 April. The Customs Officers stopped a Belgian registered car driven by a Polish citizen at Drevsjø in Engerdal municipality in Hedmark. The customs seizure represents NOK 93,000 in fees.

Sauna and bar stools

Sauna interior, bar stools and 28 liters of alcohol were seized by Customs officers from Østby customs when they stopped a Lithuanian registered van at Drevsjø night of 27 April. The goods are worth NOK 26,000 while alcohol amounts to NOK 8,400 in fees. A Lithuanian citizen was driving the car.

Smuggled liquor in Nord-Trøndelag

The smugglers tried to hide 2,880 liters of spirits in a load of furniture.The large amount of liquor was discovered when Customs officers stopped a Swedish-registered truck at Ådal Vollen in Nord-Trøndelag in the evening on May 2.The Lithuanian driver (47) said he was going to Trondheim with furniture. Customs check revealed 2,880 liters of liquor which was hidden behind an old sofa and under a tarpaulin. The customs officers also found a large amount of money.The customs seizure constitutes NOK 1,242,900 in fees.


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