Cohabitant forced to sell sex by Tromsø man

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A Tromsø man accused of forcing cohabitant to sell sex

A Tromsø man in his sixties is accused of creating a profile on a prostitution site on behalf of his foreign cohabitant, with the intent to force her to sell sex.

The trial against the man begins in Tromsø District Court on Monday. The accused ‘Tromsøværing’ risks five years in prison for human trafficking, according to NRK.

According to the indictment, the Trømsø man allegedly threatened not to assist the cohabitant, or her family back in her home country, financially – if she refused to agree to the sex sale plans. In addition, he supposedly threatened to take custody of their common child away from her.

This should have been going on for more than two years before the then cohabitant ended the relationship between them.

In addition to the forced sex sale, he apparently possessed several hundred pictures and nine videos that sexualize children, according to NRK. This includes 24 laminated photographs of this kind.


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Visiting ban and threats

The Tromsø man is also charged with threats to a previous cohabitant and her family, as well as having violated a visiting ban regarding her.

The defendant’s defence, lawyer Torbjørn Andreas Bakkelund, tells the Norwegian Public Broadcaster (NRK) that his client does not acknowledge guilt on any of the charges. Furthermore, he does not recognise himself in the charges brought against him.

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