A cold and wet May 17th in Norway

May 17th17th of May. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The chances are that you must celebrate May 17th with rain in Norway

The chances are that you must celebrate the Norwegian National day, May 17th, with rain and around 10 degrees almost anywhere in Norway.



– I’m getting a bit depressed by this conversation, says State Meteorologist Unni Thomsen.
She tries to find something positive with the weather on this year’s national day, when she presents the forecast for the coming five days.

Thomsen has followed the forecasts closely lately. Every day, the chances that there will be wet in many places in the country increases, she says.

At last she finally finds a little spot of light in all the grey.

– On Finnmarksvidda – it will probably be quite nice. We can root for them. They can expect get clear weather  and maybe a little sun, too.

Pretty nasty on May 16th

The day before the big day seems to be the worst in southern Norway. A low pressure front passes by.

– May 16th can be quite nasty in southern Norway, says Thomsen, stating that this weather will eventually find its way to northern Norway on the National day itself.

– But it will be less wet in the north on May 17th than in the south on May 16th. The weather has also ravaged itself before it reaches northern Norway.

Thus, you can have periods of clear weather  in the north on May 17th.

– But remember umbrella even if it does not rain just when you go out, it the tip from Thomsen.

New round on May 17th

The fact that southern Norway is drowning in rain on May 16th does not mean that they will be let of the hook on the National day.

– It might have been nice weather in southern Norway after the front passes, but no. There seems to be a new front coming in on the day of May 17th.

It will be wettest in Western Norway, where the likelihood of rain reaches 90 percent.

In Eastern Norway, the probability is somewhat lower, at around 50 percent. That means you’re likely to get rain one or more times during the day – but maybe not all the time.

Around 10 degrees

Meteorologists have also looked on the probability of nice temperatures on national day. Here there is also not much to cheer about.

– More than ten degrees will not be found most places. Some may get up to 15 degrees, but it’s not going to be excessive heat.

– We must cheer for Finnmarksvidda, the meteorologist concludes.


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