Conservative MP compares Norway’s Red Party with Nazis

Erlend LarsenPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

The Red Party (Rødt) has clear similarities with Nazism, parliamentary representative for the Conservative Party Erlend Larsen said on Wednesday. The Red Party’s leader Bjørnar Moxnes refuted the comparison as nonsense.

“The Red Party is a communist party, and as far as I know, they have not distanced themselves from communism. And in my view, Nazis and Communists are largely the same,” Larsen told newspaper VG.

The comparison comes after the Conservative Party’s justice policy spokesman Peter Frølich recently took a stand against the far-right, right-wing radical party of Hans Jørgen Lysglimt Johansen, the Alliance (Alliansen).


The Red Party’s leader Bjørnar Moxnes does not like the comparison. He thinks the statement from Larsen is sad and – nonsense.

“When you put Lysglimt and Alliansen in the same booth as Rødt and me, you are so far out that I can not imagine anyone agrees with that.”

“We are talking about a life-threatening ideology that has threatened both Norwegian society and designated ethnic groups. The Red Party stands for the diametrically opposite of what Larsen’s forces stand for. It is just sad that a parliamentary representative uses his time and platform in this way,” Moxnes said.

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