The court to make its decision in the Monica case

Kristina SviglinskajaKristina Sviglinskaja, the mother of Monika.Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Five years after Monika Sviglinskaja (8) was found dead in Sotra, a decision will finally  be made in the case by the court. On Monday the  court will return its verdict  for Donatas Lukosevicius, who has been charged with murder.

Attorney Benedicte Hordnes asked Nordhordland County Court to sentence Lukosevicius to 18 years in detention, because she believes he unscrupulously killed the eight year old girl in November 2011.

Lukosevicius, on the other hand, has pleaded not guilty and suggested in court that Monika’s mother should have been the one charged with the crime.
The experts have concluded that the 34-year-old has an antisocial personality disorder, but that he is sane and thus can be sentenced if he is found guilty.

When the investigators arrived at the residence in Sotra in November 2011, they found an unusual scene of crime . A window had been broken, and the door had been left open, which made things almost look like a burglary had taken place there. In the kitchen spices were strewn on the floor. The eight-year-old had been found earlier in the day in a dark passage in the middle of the house, hanging by a belt from a door handle .
After nine months of investigation  Hordaland Police nevertheless chose to dismiss the case as a possible suicide – a decision that has had major consequences for the police district.

Only after persistent efforts of both Monika’s mother, Kristina Sviglinskaja and Notifier Robin Schaefer in the police, the case was resumed. In October 2014, Kristina’s ex live-in boyfriend, Donatas Lukosevicius, were arrested and charged with murder.

DNA evidence
Attorney Hordnes has presented numerous pieces of evidence which she believes shows that it was Lukosevicius who killed the eight year old.
His DNA is found in the apartment that Monika and her mother lived in, although it was reportedly cleaned several times after he moved out three weeks earlier. Out of the 14 DNA samples at Monika’s body, 10 of them fits with  Lukosevicius’s DNA profile.

– If the court believes there has been a direct infection, this means that the defendant is the one who has killed Monika,  District Attorney Alana Hordnes said in her procedure.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today