Customs officers have impounded 21 Sex dolls presented as children

Sex doll Sex dollsCustoms officers have impounded 21 Sex dolls. Photo: Tolletaten / NTB scanpix

NCIS (Kripos) sounds the alarm after Customs in recent months have impounded 21 Sex dolls presented as children. The customs officers have reacted strongly to the sight.

NCIS informs NRK that since the autumn of 2016, the Customs Service has identified several cases where Norwegian citizens have ordered and imported Sex dolls portrayed as very lifelike children.

Some of the recipients had previously been convicted of sexual offenses, several have access to children through work or family, but several have hitherto been unknown to the police for similar conditions.

– I know that I react violently when I see this. The first was seized in October, since then we have seized 21. We are worried and shocked, Acting Director of Customs Intelligence, Jørn Ferner Bergersen, told NRK.

The dolls are about one meter tall. Some dolls have been wrapped in blankets equipped with children’s clothing.

In addition, the packages have contained various cleaning equipment. The dolls have been ordered by men aged 18-60, living all over the country.

– There is no doubt that you know what you order when you buy this online, says Bergersen, pointing to the doll which arrived on Monday.

– I feel simply unwell.

The Customs Administration, together with NCIS has chosen to inform of the seizures because they are concerned about the development.

– We think it is important for the socio-protective role we have at the border, says Bergersen.

Experienced customs officials who found the dolls supposedly reacted strongly when dolls were found, NRK is told.

– We were not prepared for what we were unwrapping, says customs officer Birgitte Hansson.

Police lawyer for the South West Police District, Erik Rand, said that they are now considering four cases. A person is in custody for two weeks on suspicion of possession of abusive material.


Source: NRK / Norway Today