Cuts in child and cash benefits will prevent export of social security

Party leader Siv Jensen, child and cash benefitsParty leader Siv Jensen (Progress Party).Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Wants to adjust child and cash benefits

Progress Party (Frp) leader Siv Jensen said that the government will adjust child and cash benefits according to purchase power. This measure to prevent what she calls welfare export.


– The government will make cuts in welfare schemes such as child allowance and cash support that goes out of Norway so that they are adjusted to the cost level in the country the children live in, Jensen said in her speech at the national convention.

The measure will be part of the forthcoming white paper on so-called social security exports, which the EEA Agreement opens for.

– Millions of tax-financed monies disappear out of the country through the social security export every year, Jensen said, alleging that child and cash benefits today are “close to a year’s salary” in countries such as Lithuania and Polen.

– A Polish worker in Norway who work and pay taxes, shall be entitled to the same benefits as a Norwegian worker. But it is totally unreasonable that people should receive the same amount in child and cash benefit if the children live in a country with lower costs than in Norway, she said.

That Frp during this weekend’s national congress for the first time will say no to EU, makes Jensen satisfied.

– I’m glad! The last 20 years the EU has become something else than a free trade agreement. The trade and peace project has become a bureaucracy project, Jensen said, and nevertheless warned against terminating the EEA agreement.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today