Danish couple bought infant in Poland for 7,300 kroner

Baby feetBaby feet.Photo.Pixabay

A Danish couple has agreed to buy a newborn boy in Poland for 750 euros (7,300 kroner). As a result of this, the couple is sentenced to 20 days imprisonment.


In addition to the conditional prison sentence, the couple is also sentenced to community service for having provided false information about the boy. The verdict fell in the district court in Sønderborg on Wednesday.

The boy, who is currently three years old, still lives with the couple and is very well, according to a psychologist who has observed the family. The couple tried to have children for many years but failed to succeed. They considered adoption but didn’t go through with it.

Through the internet, the couple came into contact with a pregnant woman in Poland. They agreed to pay the pregnant woman about 130,000 kroner to take over the child after birth. After negotiation, the Danes managed to pay 750 euros (7,300 kroner).

After the child was born, the couple traveled to Poland to take the infant. Since the man is from the Netherlands, the couple stayed there for a while and they were able to get a birth certificate for the boy in the Netherlands. After moving back to Denmark, the couple asked for a Danish social security number for the boy.

The couple has not decided if they will appeal the verdict. It is yet unsure whether the boy will stay with them or be returned to Poland.

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