Decision by the Young Conservatives to legalize ignored

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Decision by the Young Conservatives to legalize will not change anything

On Saturday, the Young Conservatives may vote for decriminalization of all narcotics, as well as the protection of Lofoten against Oil & Gas exploration. “That will not change the policy of the Conservatives one iota,” says Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg.


– Any legalization causes more people to end up outside normal society, the Prime Minister believes. She fears that such a policy will lead to more drug addicts.

– That entails that we sacrifice some people in order to lower crime statistics in the society, says Solberg to NTB.

Recently, more and more have spoken up for legalization. The Green Party (MDG) wants to investigate the possibility of Government-regulated drug sales, while Oslo’s deputy mayor, Kamzy Gunaratnam (Labour), has advocated regulated sales of cannabis to prevent organized crime from raking in millions.

Divides the Young Conservatives

On Saturday, the Young Conservatives may also vote in favour of a similar scheme at the national convention this weekend, where changes to the principle program will be adopted. The issue concerning legalization is disputed.

– This is a matter that heavily divides the Young Conservatives, says leader of the organization, Sandra Bruflot, to NTB.

She believes that the prohibition line has played out is role and does not work as intended. Therefore other instruments are needed in drug policy.

– It’s obvious that the current policy does not work, says Bruflot. At the same time, she believes the national convention will end up somewhere between total prohibition (as it is today) and full legalization, namely decriminalization of mild narcotic substances like cannabis only. There have been several proposed changes in that direction.

According to Klassekampen, the Socialist Youth (SU) may at their national convention decide to be in favour of reviewing legal sales and alternative regulation of drugs, among those cannabis. If adopted both by SU and in the Young Conservatives, the majority of youth parties will be in favour, the newspaper writes.

No avail

Norway’s Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, Erna Solberg, emerged at the Young Conservatives’ National Convention at Gardermoen on Friday. In her speech to the assembled young politicians, she stated that the decisions made at Young Conservatives’ meeting means something.

– Because it rapidly can become Government policy, says Solberg.

The Young Conservatives has already influenced the mother party to be in favour of a drugs reform, which will decriminalize possession for personal use. But any legalization decision will not affect the Conservatives stance on the matter, the Prime Minister emphasizes.

– The Young Conservatives can not budge everything, says Solberg.

Excited about decision on petroleum

She is also excited about what the youth party is concluding on exploration near Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja (aka LoVeSe). From 2010 to 2012, the Young Conservatives was for the protection of those areas, but has since been in favour of impact assessment.

The gut feeling of Bruflot is that the Young Conservatives this time will vote for protection against petroleum activities.

– We have many large county groups that are for protection, she says.

Solberg is maintaining that LoVeSe ought to be assessed.

– Not least because of the importance of creating jobs in northern Norway, she says.


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  1. Freedom is knowlegde | 23. June 2018 at 15:22 |

    Prime Minister Erna Solberg (The Conservative Party of Norway, Høyre) has been sitting on Storting (Norwegian Parliament) from 1989. 30 years! She is not alone! It tells it all! Old vision that does not like new visions. The old vision tells that with social control, punishment and penalty the country shall be build. Poor people in Norway gets around 5000 NOK to live for per month. Storting (Norwegian Parliament) with salary 1 000 000 NOK per year mean poor people gets too much.

    5000 NOK to live for in Norway the country with World highest food prices is like demanding the poor to get drunk, use drugs to escape from reality. They (Storting) know but let it happen because it all creates a lot of jobs. Take children from the poor ones in Norway is become a billion industry.
    When the Young Conservatives make it to the Storting (Norwegian Parliament) then they must obey the old vision and they do because the older ones is watching and controlling every step.

    Alcohol is the biggest problem, but it is so common to drink by members of the Storting (Norwegian Parliament). Who wants to look in the mirror?

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