Demonstration against the tightening of asylum policy outside of Stortinget

Parliament,Stortinget, 4 partiesParliament,Stortinget.Photo:Norway Today Media

Over 30 organizations will demonstrate against the proposed tightening of asylum policy and for demands for solidarity with refeugees outside of Stortinget on Monday.

We do not accept that the Norwegian government in this critical situation wants us to have the strictest asylum policy in Europe. We are disappointed that the government essentially uphold the measures they proposed last year, despite the widespread criticism by professionals and civil society, a joint statement that more than 30 Norwegian organizations endorse states .
Socialist Youth (SU), the Young Liberals, Red, Green Youth, Anti-Racist Center and Amnesty International Norway, the Norwegian Church, Norwegian People’s Aid and the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) are among the participants in the demonstration that will start at 17.
Parliamentary representative of KrF, Astrid Aarhus Byrknes,  and general secretatry in NOAS ,Ann-Magrit Austenå,  are among the appellants.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today