“Drive safely, we have nobody to lose”

Bård Hoksrud Light for reflectionAgriculture and Food Minister Bård Hoksrud represented the Government during the commemoration of traffic victims who took place in Stokke in Vestfold. Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

“Drive safely, we have nobody to lose,” implores Hoksrud

Bård Hoksrud expresses sympathy for all those who have lost near and dear in traffic accidents as «Light for reflection» is arranged in Vestfold for the 25th year in a row.

“Every human life lost in traffic is one too many, and the grief after every single lost life is just as large, Minister for Agriculture and Nutrition,” Bård Hoksrud (Progress Party), expresses in his speech during the annual commemoration «Light for reflection».

The marking is held every year in Vestfold to commemorate everyone who has perished in traffic accidents on Norwegian roads and to show respect for all those who have lost one of their nearest or experienced traffic accidents first hand. This year, «Light for reflection» is being organised for the 25th time.

Torch procession along E18

During the marking, the torchlight procession walks along the E18 down to the Skjee church, to commemorate all those who are no longer among us. In the church, a memorial is held with several appeals, singing and music performed by, among others, the Stavanger artist Sigvart Dagsland, who himself was involved in a serious traffic accident on national road 3 in Romedal in Stange, Hedmark, in January 2018.

Hoksrud wishes to show respect for all those who lost their lives and compassion for the injured, survivors and relatives in his speech.

“Losing someone you love can hardly be described with words. It is a tragedy when the accident hits. It is a void that is never filled and bottomless grief that can barely be borne for those who are left behind. A mother, a father, a child. A chair is empty and it feels so unfair,” he states.

Everyday heroes

He draws the attention to especially saying thank you to all those who work in the ambulance, fire department, road network, police and rescue crews for the invaluable job they do in the face of brutal accidents.

“Thank you very much for your efforts. You are real everyday heroes,” he emphasises.

Hoksrud also thanks Safe Traffic, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the county municipalities and a number of NGOs for their important contribution to traffic safety work throughout Norway.

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