Eight years in prison for smuggling methamphetamine

Prison, au pairsPrison: Photo:Pixabay

A man from Lithuania has been sentenced to eight years in prison and three months for smuggling 22.1 kilograms of methamphetamine in a car. He was stopped at Svinesund.

The  car who  was stopped by customs officers at Svinesund on 28 October 2015 was registered in Lithuania. The custom found  drugs that was hidden in cavities that were carved out inside the bumper of the car.

– Judging from the amount of drug and how the drug was hidden in the car, the appellate court finds that there was  professional who was behind the smuggling and the purpose was financial gain, said the ruling from the Borgarting Lagmannsrett.

The man had driven from Lithuania to Norway, via Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

The man was sentenced to eight years and three months’ imprisonment by Halden District Court last December. He appealed the ruling, but the Court of Appeal came to the same penalties.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today