2.8 million Norwegians are likely to get money back from the tax man

Tax lists postedTax lists posted.Photo: Norway Today Media

From midnight on, close to 4.8 million tax returns were posted. And most of us get money back; only one in five have to cough up some extra dough.

You can take note that the he wording henceforth is called a tax notice instead of a tax return.

– Approximately 2.8 million are likely to get money back, while about 740,000 need to pay up, tax director Hans Christian Holte said.

There is little change from last year and applies to relatively small amounts. Those who get money back, gets an average of NOK 11,000 returned, while approximately NOK 26,000 will be claimed from those receiving arrears.

– The main reason why some gets a tax hike and others get money back, are changes that affect every individual. The changes are due to changes in both estimated income and estimated tax rates, according to the tax man.

 Check details

The annual tax statement includes several more pre-entered details than ever before.

The data are reported in by employers, banks, kindergartens and others providing information about income, assets, liabilities and deductions. But it’s still extremely important that you verify that the information is correct.

– The more information we receive, the better the quality of the content of the tax notification. But even if a lot is filled in for you, you must still verify that the information is correct. The notification entered ion your behalf will never be complete, Hans Christian Holte emphasizes.

– One of the most important things you should check is that you receive the deductions you are entitled to. There is some information we do not have no facilities to learn about, says the tax director.

1.2 million People submitted tax notifications with changes for 2016. But there were about 400,000 that do not even open the document. Holte hopes this figure will be less this year.

– The typical deficiencies are some deductions that you should provide. There may also be additional income that is not listed. This can reflect to your outcome in both directions, the tax director concludes.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today