Entire management of Bellona resigns

Bøhmer Bellona CEODeparting CEO of Bellona, Nils Bøhmer. Photo: Bellona

The entire management team of Bellona resigns

The entire management of the Norwegian Environmental Foundation, Bellona, is resigning due to disagreements with its founder, Frederic Hauge.


The reason is that Hauge wants to change the strategy and management model of Bellona. That has not been to the taste of the environmental organisation’s management team.

– The rest of the management team and I feel that the conditions are so much changed that we do not feel it’s right to continue, says departing CEO of Bellona, Nils Bøhmer, to NTB.

Not a single issue

the management disagrees with Hauge about how Bellona should be further developed and how the foundation should be managed. Bøhmer does not want to elaborate on what the disputes are concerning.

– It’s not a single matter, but many issues stacked on top of each other which make us feel that it is not right to continue.

The management team today consists of four people, all of whom are resigning on Monday. Bøhmer has been a part of Bellona for 25 years.

– This is a very sad day. I believe that Bellona has been a robust organisation in the past year, he says.

Special responsibility

The founder, Frederic Hauge, does not wish to elaborate on the situation, either.

– From my side, it has been a desire to evaluate the strategy and management model to see how it has been implemented in practical terms. The disagreements are concerning implementation and follow through. We have diverging views on that.

– The world is changing rapidly, and we are constantly faced with new challenges. As the founder, I have a special responsibility for Bellona, and I found that responsibility worthwhile to uphold.

Not dramatic

Hauge commends the management team for providing a solid platform that can be developed further.

He believes that it is not dramatic to put a replacement management team in place in the organisation, but understands that it is sad for those affected.

– We are still on amicable terms but we agree to disagree.

Bellona’s new management will be presented to the organisation sometime during this week.

– It’s sometimes a lonely job to have to be the leader. But I have nothing better to do with my life, so I will continue, states Hauge.

The Environmental Foundation Bellona was founded in 1986 and has 45 employees, mainly in Norway.


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