Environmental speed limit in Oslo

environmental speed limitVariable speed limit. Photo: drivertraining / pixabay.com

Environmental speed limit is reintroduced in Oslo

From Monday, March 4th, 2019, there will, once again, be introduced an environmental speed limit in Oslo. This is due to that high levels of particulate matter during this week, are expected to persist in the period ahead.

“Therefore we now choose to reintroduce the environmental speed limit in Oslo,” Senior Engineer of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Henrik N. Mikkelsen, informs.

The speed limit will last until the spring cleaning is completed – or until measurement data shows that it is no longer needed.

The Public Road Administration wants to get more people to comply with the lowering of the speed limit, by introducing the measure when it is most needed. It was, therefore, tested out for a time earlier this year, when there were lower levels of air pollution.

“Now the road surface is about to dry up, and it is expected a good deal of snow and ice melting in the future. This leads to the release of road dust on the roadsides and thus poorer air quality,” Mikkelsen continues.

It is the Norwegian Public Roads Administration that assesses the need for, and duration of the environmental speed limit in Oslo. The measure was implemented on November 1st, 2018, temporarily discontinued on January 28th, and is now reinstated as of March 4th.

From Monday, March 4th, the environmental speed limit will be introduced on the following road sections:

  • National Road 4, Sinsen-Grorud
  • Ring 3, Ryen-Granfosstunnelen
  • E18, Hjortnes-Lysaker
  • National road 163 (Østre Aker vei), Økern-Stovner.

The speed limit on these road sections is limited to 60 kilometres per hour.

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