KLM Airline seeks a worldwide, roving, good news reporter

KLMKLM is seeking a worldwide reporter.


The airline, KLM is beginning a recruitment campaign for travel reporters who, on the airline’s behalf, are going to travel the world hunting for good news.


One person each, from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, will be selected as flying reporters, and will explore new stories about people and cultures with a camera around the neck.

‘Travel is about much more than just moving away from home. When travelling, you have the opportunity to share in other people’s everyday lives and stories,’ said Emmelie Johansson, Marketing Manager for Air France, and KLM in the Nordic region.

Small and large stories from different places in the world will be reported home, and published in KLM’s various channels during the autumn, and until the end of the year. The news will be shown in the form of videos, articles, and pictures.

KLM expanded its network by 16 new destinations for the summer of 2017, and recently announced that they’ll increase their capacity in the Nordic region by 10% by the autumn of 2017.

Here you can read more about the reporter recruitment campaign, and apply as a Norwegian travel journalist
for KLM: https://www.klm.com/travel/no_no/campaigns/reporter.htm

The application deadline is the 13th of August, 2017.


Source: KLM / Norway Today


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