Erna’s Conservatives are likely facing a bitter defeat – but there’s a champagne party at their election HQ

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The election’s biggest losers in terms of the number of votes are the Progress Party (FRP) and the Conservatives (H), according to the initial forecasts. The atmosphere, however, isn’t nearly as grim as one might expect.

The Progress Party support is forecasted at 11.7%, down 3.5% from the previous election. The Conservatives are at 20.4%, down 4.7%.

By all accounts, the election result will thus mean the end of Conservative leader Erna Solberg‘s eight years as prime minister.

The Conservatives struggled hard on the polls already in 2020 but got a big boost when the corona pandemic hit Norway. Only after “Sushigate” this winter, where Solberg was finally sentenced to a fine for violating the corona rules in connection with a dinner, did the trend reverse.

The Progress Party changed party leaders this winter after a period of weak polls, however, the new party leader Sylvi Listhaug has not managed to lift the party to old heights.

Champagne party

The Conservatives are losing government power, but there was no funeral atmosphere at the Conservatives’ election vigil.

When Jan Tore Sanner and Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tina Bru gave a speech of thanks and boasted of their results in government, the champagne corks burst on the Conservatives’ election vigil.

“There is actually a really good atmosphere in here. We have such great reason to be happy with ourselves. We, and especially Erna, have stood up for everyone,” second deputy Tina Bru said.

During the thank-you speech, the champagne corks popped in the middle of the stairwell. Conservative deputy Jan Tore Sanner praised the results the party has achieved in government:

“I think that on an evening like this, we will be proud of the results we have achieved through eight years in government. Who would have thought that?”

“We have ruled the country through several crises, much thanks to Bent who is at home in Stavanger,” Bru said with reference to Minister of Health Bent Høie.

Sanner also shared what Erna Solberg had said at the very first intergovernmental conference almost eight years ago.

“Erna looked at us and said that we should have a generational perspective in the government. The decisions we were to make as a government were about us being concerned about the next generation,” Sanner said.

“More champagne,” Bru shouted on her way off stage.

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