Estonian and French expelled from Finnmark

PolicePolice.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Two Estonians and two Frenchmen without legal entry to Norway were stopped in Finnmark and expelled from the country on Tuesday.

First, police reported two that Estonians were stopped in a traffic control in Kvalsund.

– “They said they were on holiday in Norway, but violated the current Covid-19 regulations,” says operations manager Stein Kristian Hansen in Finnmark Police District to NTB.

The car the two tourists were driving in is registered in Estonia.

Just before 14:00, police say they have expelled two French in Alta for the same reason. Those two were returned to Finland.

In recent days, Finnmark police have expelled both Latvian and German nationals after violating the current regulations. The operations manager says that the police are alerted to foreign tourists by the public, but that they have also discovered some at random, such as in today’s traffic control.

– “We are aware of it, but it is a large county. We try to follow up on those we get tips on,” says Hansen.

Monday 06.07.2020 ——- Foreigners expelled from Alta

The police in Finnmark have expelled three Latvian citizens in Alta for entering the country illegally.

The reason for the expulsion is the current covid-19 regulations, according to the operations center in Finnmark through twitter.

Four German citizens in Finnmark were expelled for the same reasons early on Monday. Sunday evening saw the expulsion of two Russian seamen from the center of Kirkenes after staying illegally ashore.

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