Expert fears foreign meteorite hunters will run away with the meteorite that landed in Norway

MeteorPhoto: Norsk Meteornettverk / NTB

The hunt for the meteorite, which probably landed in Finnemarka this weekend, is in full swing. 

Now a Norwegian expert fears that foreign meteorite hunters will find it first.

“As the situation is today, a foreign meteorite hunter can go to Finnemarka, and if he is lucky enough to find the stone or stones from space, take them in the suitcase and sell them to the highest bidder online,” researcher Jon Larsen at the University of Oslo told TV 2.

He says the stones are very important for scientific purposes and fears the potential consequences if they are transported out of the country.

“Then, they will probably end up in a private collection, and the public and researchers in Norway will not be able to enjoy these rare stones,” he warned.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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