Explosives not found at asylum center in Bergen

the asylum center in Ytre ArnaBergen.The asylum center in Ytre Arna: Bergen foto og media / NTB scanpix

On Tuesday, two men have been charged after an explosion at the asylum center in Ytre Arna. The explosion caused major damage to the location.

– There has been an explosion, probably in or near an oven. We don’t know what the oven has been used for or who was using it, says Operations Leader Frode Kolltveit of the Western Police District to the news agency NTB.

The relatively powerful explosion took place in a shared living area at the asylum center in Ytre Arna in Bergen. Police were informed at 18:00 on Tuesday and that it concerned an undramatic incident which only left minor damage.


A few hours later, the situation was considered significantly more severe. The Police Bomb Squad chose to come out to the scene after seeing pictures of the blast and the damage the blast caused. Three windows were blown out, and there is major damage to inside walls.

– It was the Bomb Squad themselves that decided to come to the scene after we sent them pictures of the explosion site and the damages. We don’t know if there were chemicals involved or if it was something electrical that caused the explosion, said Kolltveit.

– The Bomb Squad and Crime Technicians have been at the scene during the night. We have not found any traces of explosives, so there will be further investigation throughout the day to determine the cause of the explosion, said Operations Manager Arve Samsonsen to NTB on Wednesday morning.

Two men charged

Two men have been arrested, charged and taken in for questioning after the explosion. Police would not provide any information other than that they are men, and that they are foreign. They arrived at the Bergen Police station at 21.30 on Tuesday and will be questioned on Wednesday.

– They are indicted in the case, based on the circumstances of the events and because they were in the room where the explosion took place. They were also found to have had some connected with the room just ahead of the blast, said Kolltveit.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today