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Ferry cancelled on the E39 in Hordaland

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Several Ferry departures cancelled on the E39 in Hordaland

Following 13 ferry departures between Halhjem and Sandvikvåg being cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday, another four departures are cancelled on Friday.


The departures from Sandvikvåg at 11 and 12.40, in addition to the departures from Halhjem at 10.10 and 15.10, are cancelled. The Road Traffic Central West Tweets night before Friday.

The cancellations on Wednesday and Thursday came as a result of technical problems for Torghatten Nord, the ferry company which as of January 1st took over the operation of the connection.

According to Sysla, the takeover of the ferry connection has gone all but smoothly. None of the five ferries the company ordered to operate the connection has been delivered on time. The company has, therefore, hired four ferries. On Wednesday, the company discovered that the replacement ferry «Bastø III» has a faulty valve on an engine, writes  NRK. The spare part must be flown in from the Netherlands.

On day three

“It was a real pity that such a thing should happen already on day three, but we need to think about the safety of the passengers. By and large, we think it has gone well. There have been some challenges, but we take it in stride to avoid the public from being affected,” Operations Manager in Torghatten Nord, Reidar Fredriksen, claims.

E39 is the main thoroughfare along the west coast of Norway. The ferry connection Halhjem-Sandvikvåg is used by many commuters including to and from Bergen.

Torghatten emphasises to NRK that three hired ferries function according to schedule.


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