KDI fears drone drop of arms to dangerous prisoners

Fearing drone drop of arms to dangerous prisonersA drone.Photo REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

The Correctional Directorate fears that criminals will use drones to drop weapons to the prisoners.
Because of this they ask for a no-fly zone over eight Norwegian prisons, according to a letter, which Bergens Tidende have gained access to, from the Directorate to the Civil Aviation Authority. In the letter the Correctional Directorate (KDI) expresses  concern that weapons may be dropped from a helicopter or drone to one or more inmates in prisons. This would increase the risk of a serious hostage situation, it says.
– We have registered incidents where drones have appeared outside some prisons, but can not say with certainty whether this happens because there is a jail on site or whether it it happens for other reasons,  Assistant Director Jan-Erik Sandlie in KDI writes in a mail to the newspaper.
KDI is also concerned that drone planes and other aircrafts are able take photos from of  the interior spaces in prisons in order to expose security installations or identify inmates and smuggle in drugs. The letter states that KDI is familiar with plans to use drones for such purposes, but also that no such plans have been implemented as yet.
The Directorate is also concerned that the model aircraft and helicopters might pose a safety hazard. CAA has informed the KDI that they are dealing with the matter.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today