Filming of injured persons is not okay

Police online patrol stavanger filmThe accompanying photo to the Facebook post of the Police in Stavanger. Photo: Politiet

Filming of injured persons is not hunky-dory

Police warn against filming injured persons without consent after a woman was filmed when she broke her ankle at a joint in Stavanger.

“It is not okay that bystanders are filming injured persons,” Acting Station Manager of Stavanger Police Station, Kristian Johansen, tells NRK.

The online patrol of Southwest Police District posted on Facebook Friday morning.

The Facebook post shows an event where several persons apparently filming a woman who had broken her ankle at a joint in Stavanger. The woman allegedly was filmed while lying on the ground, screaming from immense agony.

Disagreement about the law

« THIS IS NOT OKAY. It is actually punishable to film someone without their consent under Section 390a of the Norwegian Criminal Code», The online patrol of Southwest Police District originally posted.


Screendump of the original post.

“Our call is for people to help and care about each other, rather than viewing it as entertainment to be shared on social media,” Johansen states.

The police are now being criticised for referring to a repealed Criminal Act, writes Journalisten.

“It is wrong for the police to give the impression that you are at risk of being punished for just taking pictures. You basically aren’t.  punishment for taking pictures only comes into play if it is part of behaviour reminiscent of stalking, persecution and harassment,” lawyer Jon Wessel-Aas explains.



Multiple changes to the post

Head of online content of Brønnøysund Avis, Simon Aldra, reacts to the fact that the police are spreading information that is incorrect. He points out that the post is shared 277 times and has received even more ‘likes’.

The post has been changed several times after it was first published. The police have altered the post to ‘that it may be punishable’ and now refers to paragraph 266 of the Criminal Code instead.

“The law was double-checked, but a typo was made when referring to the paragraph,” writes Superintendent Kåre André Ødegaard in an email to Journalisten.

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