Multiple foreigners fined NOK 20,000 and deported from Norway for breaching quarantine regulations

PolicePhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

The Southwest Police District has recently fined five foreign nationals NOK 20,000 for violating the quarantine regulations.

Three fines have been imposed on foreign nationals in Haugesund, Stord, and Stavanger, the police district stated in a press release.

The police revealed that they discovered the first case in Stavanger last week when they visited an apartment hotel in the city.

The police had information that a Russian woman in her 30s was staying there after coming to Norway on false premises. 

The woman said she had arrived in Oslo on October 23 and that she complied with the quarantine regulations before traveling on to Stavanger.

“The investigation showed that the woman had stayed at various addresses in Oslo, Kristiansand, and Stavanger during the quarantine period. 

She had also been in physical contact with several people during this time,” prosecutor Kjetil G. Solhaug noted.

The woman got fined NOK 20,000 and has also been deported from Norway.

Quarantine violation

On Tuesday this week, a police patrol observed three male foreign workers on their way out of a taxi outside barracks in Stord.

Foreign workers from supplier companies spend the quarantine period in the barracks before they start work for Kvaerner. 

The workers had to be quarantined for ten days before they could leave the facilities.

“The investigation showed that the three people had broken the quarantine provisions, and they have now received a fine of NOK 20,000 each. Kvaerner has been cooperative in connection with the investigation,” prosecutor Sidsel Tunestveit said.

The three arrived in Norway from the United Kingdom on Friday, November 6. 

The immigration authorities are now considering whether they should be deported temporarily or deported for one or more years.

Drug offenses

On Tuesday, the police in Haugesund came into contact with a foreign citizen in connection with a drug offense. 

The man said he had arrived from the UK on Thursday, November 5.

“The man has not complied with the quarantine obligation. He stayed with several different people since he came to Norway. 

The person in question has received a fine of NOK 20,000 for breach of the quarantine provisions,” prosecutor Tonje Leirgulen Ravndal noted.

He has been expelled from the country.

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